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I have recently had my latest book reviewed and edited profoundly by James Loader. My third language is English and the book is about my first experiences in Sweden. The editor professionally edited my English as well as making sure that the Swedish terms are also correct via Google. My manuscript has also received an honest opinion from the editor, which is truly appreciated. (Shirin Azari)

Joel Meadows and I worked closely together when I was editing the European, Middle Eastern and African editions of TIME magazine. Joel was a delight to work with: he was extremely diligent and conscientious in copy editing and proofreading articles, often on tight deadlines; he had excellent judgement in deciding what to fix and (equally important) what to leave alone. I would highly recommend him if you’re looking for a reliable, talented, experienced partner whom you can trust to fine-tune and strengthen your writing. (William Green, former Editor of the European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian editions of TIME Magazine; author of books such as The Great Minds of Investing)

I have used Joel Meadows as a designer/sub-editor for Press Gazette and can recommend him as a diligent, painstaking and dedicated journalist. (Dominic Ponsford, Editor, Press Gazette)

I gratefully acknowledge the help of freelance editor James Loader, whose fresh pair of eyes came at just the right time. (James Brennan, Cancer in Context, Oxford, 2004)

I’d like to thank James Loader for his invaluable help. (Tom Quinn, Memories of Steam, David & Charles, 2008)

Lucy Fisher was extremely conscientious and effective, and totally reliable. (Jeremy O’Grady, Editor in Chief of The Week)

Accuracy in communication can make the difference between success and failure. We owe it to ourselves, not just to mean what we say but to say what we mean, and this team can be trusted to ensure you get it right: whether it’s an annual report, a college dissertation or a simple publicity flyer. (Chris Redman, former Editor of Time Magazine Europe)


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